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Récréafish, A Study About Non-Professional Fishing

The Récréafish study, coordinated by the IFREMER (Research Institute For The Utilization Of The Sea) on behalf of the OFB and managed locally by the Réserve Naturelle, was launched this past summer in Saint Martin and in March 2021 in Saint Barthélemy. A total of 13 non-professional fishermen in Saint Martin and 42 in Saint Barthélemy, who regularly fish from their boats or on the shore, have promised to alert the Réserve when they go fishing and report their eventual catch, even if they come up empty handed, as ‘nothing’ is also of importance. They should also share their costs related to this activity, as well as the destination of what they caught: If they eat the fish; if they give it away’ or even if they sell it. The study is projected to last for one year.

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