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Du matériel de guerre trouvé dans l’étang Rouge | War material found in the Etang Rouge
Du matériel de guerre trouvé dans l’étang Rouge | War material found in the Etang Rouge

On September 11th

During scientific monitoring of birds around the salt ponds , the team came across a large amount of munitions of all kinds thrown into the shallows of the Etang Rouge. A few weeks later, on October 31st, the Reserve guards discovered a 357 Magnum pistol and an anti-personnel mine detonator, still in working condition, also in the Etang Rouge. These weapons were recovered with the assistance of the Investigation Brigade from the gendarmerie and a destruction certificate was signed.

.Le pistolet 357 Magnum | The 357 Magnum pistol

On September 18th

Les poissons ont été saisis | The fish were seized

Following an article published in the Faxinfo stating that a 25kg snook was caught in the Etang aux Poissons, the guards found the fisherman and an official statement was drawn up against him.

On September 21st

Whilst the Radisson «Beach Clean Up» was in full swing, the guards spotted two underwater hunters. After being summoned, the two men showed up at the Reserve offices. Their fish and fishing equipment were confiscated.

On October 7th

Pêche illégale à Coralita | Illegal fishing at Coralita

Thanks to a witness phoning in, the guards apprehended two anglers on the Coralita beach. Their fish and fishing rods were confiscated.

On October 18th

Viande de tortue trouvée chez un particulier | Turtle meat found in a private residence

The gendarmerie informed the Nature Reserve that two turtle shells and turtle meat had been found in a private residence during a search operation. Seizure of these shells and the meat by the guards resulted in a formal report of destruction

On November 14th

254 lambis ont été remis à l’eau | 254 conches were returned to sea © Steeve Ruillet

Thanks to the testimony given by a local resident, 254 live conches were able to be put back in the sea not far from Petite Clé and Pinel. The fisherman was tried in the criminal court on December 2013 and sentenced to a 100 day fine of 20 euros. If he doesn’t pay his fines, the fisherman will be imprisoned for 100 days. He caught these 254 conches, as well as red helmet and two lobsters, around the islands of Pinel and Petite Clé, right in the middle of the Reserve. The guards tracked the suspect over several days before being able to arrest him with the help of the Nautical Brigade from the gendarmerie. Given the magnitude of his illegal activity, the guards estimate that he hauled

Ce pêcheur a été jugé par le tribunal correctionnel | This fisherman was tried by the criminal court


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