Dry toilets on Pinel

Toilettes sèches à Pinel | Dry toilets on Pinel © Béatrice Galdi
Toilettes sèches à Pinel | Dry toilets on Pinel © Béatrice Galdi

When a site that belongs to the Conservatoire du Littoral is open to the public, consideration needs to be taken to address the visitors’ toiletry needs, and thereby the installation of ecological toilets. The decision was taken to install two dry toilets on the island of Pinel, financed with the help of Europe and the State, and considered a good ecological solution in an isolated area that is not linked up to the public sewage network. Their maintenance was entrusted to the two restaurant owners who hold temporary occupation permits. These permits were issued by the Conservatoire, in the context of good environmental practices that they are committed to respect. Today, the toilets are still in the experimental phase, and are not entirely satisfactory with regards to their capacity in full tourist season, and the old, more “classic” toilets, are still being used. There are on average 500 visitors going to Pinel every day, and if the capacity of these facilities proves to be insufficient, the Reserve is well aware that they will need to find another solution.

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