Kite Surfing at Galion: A Second Reprimand For A Second Violation

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Pas de kite surf au Galion - No kite surf in Galion
Pas de kite surf au Galion - No kite surf in Galion

Since January 1, 2019, the police of Réserve Naturelle have completed 153 patrols on land, of which 141 were in keeping with the regulations, as were 35 of the 39 patrols done at sea. The only reprimand was addressed to the president of the Tropikite association on April 14, when a group of kite surfers assembled on the beach in Galion, in spite of an order from the prefect prohibiting the sport at this protected site. A first such assembly was given the same warning, and the person incriminated was interviewed by the gendarmerie, which sent the report to the prosecutor’s office. Please note that kite surfing is authorized throughout the Réserve Naturelle except over the waters of Galion bay, which is a site set aside for family activities, swimming, and nautical activities that do not present a danger for those using the site.

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