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The impact of hurricane Irma on the environment incited the French Agency for Biodiversity to call for projects that would restore biodiversity throughout the overseas territories. The Réserve responded to this call by submitting three dossiers. One of these projects, which has already been accepted, aims to finance the realization of a scientific inventory of the imparct of Irma on the flora on the small islands within the Réserve Naturelle—Pinel, Petite Clé, Caye Verte, and Tintamare—and the goal is to propose projects to restore the species and their habitants. A second project, not yet validated, concerns activities for the conservation of sea turtles and their protection. The objective it to continue the scientific study during the egg-laying season, as well as to develop the networks for marine mammals, to rehabilitate their essential habitats, which are the beaches where they lay eggs and the zones where they feed, and to reinforce public awareness programs. A third dossier, submitted by Vincent Oliva, seeks financing for the acquisition of awareness materials that can be used in schools.

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