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The technical division and nature police for the Réserve Naturelle carried out 259 patrols during the first nine months of 2018: 192 patrols on land and 67 at sea. Of these 259 patrols, 46 of them—or 29 on land and 17 at sea—resulted in warnings and eventually the seizing of material. These infractions include debris deposited in the Réserve, drones flying without authorization, stealing sand from Galion, boats mooring in places where it is forbidden to drop an anchor, use of jet skis, kite surfing outside of the zone authorized at Galion, and 11 fishing incidents in the Réserve: trap fishing at Galion, crab fishing in the salt ponds, fishing with a kayak on the Salines d’Orient, fishing with rods at Galion. At the same time, a quad user was informed that his motorized vehicle is not authorized on the roads within the Réserve and never on the beach.

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Police Activity

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