Sea Turtles: Finally Some Encouraging Results

A green sea turtle near Tintamare ©Julien Chalifour

The study of sea turtles laying eggs on the island’s beaches continues. The good news is that the numbers, while down in May at the beginning of the season, have shown a serious increase. The Réserve’s 60 eco-volunteers remained vigilant and noted 425 sorties and 86 instances of turtle tracks, primarily green sea turtles. In addition, several people have called the Réserve to announce the presence of baby turtles just after their appearance on the beaches of Orient Bay, Friar's Bay and Long Bay, right in front of La Samanna hotel. The baby turtles usually emerge at night and it is rare to be able to observe them as it happens.

Emergence of sea turtles: encouraging results

If you witness the emergence of turtles or are in the presence of a baby turtle on the beach, what should you do?
First, make sure that no one interferes and that no potential predators get near the young reptiles.
Keep dogs and birds out of the way, do not touch the baby turtles, and let them make their way into the sea by themselves.
Please call the Réserve Naturelle if any of the babies seem to be in danger of any sort (05 90 29 09 72). Your eyewitness reports are very valuable to us.


Emergence of baby leatherback sea turtles

A green sea turtle near Tintamare © Julien Chalifour

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