Annual check-up of coral and sea plant beds

© Julien Chalifour

Every summer for the past six years, divers from the nature reserves in Saint Martin, Saint Barth, and Petite Terre in Guadeloupe were able to head into the sea to evaluate the condition of the coral reefs and sea plant beds in these three different areas, thanks to financing from DEAL in Guadeloupe. This year, the experience was repeated.
In Saint Martin, from August 30-September 9, the divers added two new monitoring stations, so that there are now four sites within the perimeter of the Réserve and two sites outside of the perimeter, the goal being to observe the overall conditions in these zones.
Taking into account the degradation in the quality of the swimming water around Pinel, special attention was paid to the reefs and plant beds this year.
The coral on one hand, and the plant beds on the other, were subject to a kind of census, with the numbers compared to those of past years.
The data is currently under evaluation and the results will be known before the end of the year.

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