The Réserve presents its report to the advisory committee

The advisory committee meeting on February 1, 2012

The most recent advisory committee of the Réserve Naturelle was held on February 1, 2012.
Presided by prefect Philippe Chopin, the meeting gathered all of parties involved in the management of this protected zone: The French government, the Collectivity, the end-users, the scientists, the CESC, neighborhood councilors and the Marine Park of Sint Maarten.
This was also the occasion to present a detailed report on all of the Réserve Naturelle’s missions and a recap of all activities in 2011.
There are two important points to remember: the first concerns the fights against the lionfish and the creation of a working group dedicated to battle against this invasive species (see related article on page 10); and the second point relates to Galion Bay and the creation of a committee comprising the Réserve, the French government, the Collectivity and end-users in order to better govern the various activities taking place at this site, where kite-surfing is sometimes practiced at the site in spite of the prefectural interdiction (see article on page 14).

At the request of the prefect, a second advisory committee meeting will be held each year in September or October.

The 57-page report can be downloaded at

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