Creation of a users committee at galion

Galion Bay (also called Embouchure) is one of the protected marine sites in Saint Martin

During the last advisory committee meeting, the question of banning kite surfing in Galion Bay was on the agenda.
The Réserve manages this protected marine site according to the variety of uses - swimming, surfing, windsurfing, horseback riding, snorkeling - and is evaluating the impact of these activities on the natural environment.
Romain Renoux proposed the creation of a users committee to unite the various parties in an exercise to see how each use of the bay can be taken into consideration.

Illegal Capture of 63 Conchs

A poacher caught with 63 conchs - most of which were juveniles - just captured in Réserve Naturelle, came before the court in Saint Martin on March 8.
He was accused of 11 charges and required to pay 100 euros per charge and sentenced to two months in prison, although both the fine and prison term were suspended.
If he is caught poaching again, he will be required to pay the fines and go to jail.

A kite-surfer caused a horseback riding accident at Galion Bay

In spite of the prefectural edict banning the sport in Galion Bay, on January 16, 2012, a kite-surfer frightened a horse by coming too close to the beach and causing the rider to fall.
The young woman was taken to the emergency room at the hospital.
Back at Galion Bay, marine park warden Steeve Ruillet filed a complaint against the person for not respecting the ban and practicing a sport that is not allowed within the marine park.
The kite-surfing gear was conditionally seized, meaning that the owner can keep it as long as he doesn’t use it within the prohibited zone. The guilty party will be called before court in Saint Martin.

60 businesses partner with the Réserve Naturelle

Only the 60 businesses having signed an agreement with the Réserve Naturelle are officially considered its partners.
A dive club from the Dutch side found out the hard way after lying about a non-existing partnership in their advertising. The Réserve had previously - on two different occasions - presented a partnership dossier to the director, who did not respond.
The Réserve filed a complaint against this company in Sint Maarten via the court in Saint Martin, which sent it on to Basse Terre, following the proscribed procedure for business issues with foreign entities.


This sticker identifies the partners of the Réserve Naturelle
Still alive, the 63 conch were returned to the sea

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Managing The Impact Of Human Activities In Protected Areas

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