Newsletter 24 -2015

Journal 24 - 2015

Ramona Connor Vice-president

Collectivity of Saint Martin Vice-president, AGOA management council

At a time when the wellbeing of our planet is in danger due to the increasing influence of Man’s activities, the citizen in me is fully aware of the importance and urgency of the protection of our biodiversity. The entire world is concerned by this threat, and the return toward a more balanced equilibrium cannot happen without a move toward overall clarity. In reality, day-by-day, on our little island, this means that it is indispensable to make the right gestures and the best choices in favor of our environment and our heritage. That is why I am compelled to support and encourage the work of the Réserve naturelle. The formation of coral nurseries, the installation of artificial habitats for marine species, the protection of marine mammals, and the creation of the Caribbean Institute For Island Biodiversity are all actions that are leading in the right direction. At our own level, by setting a good example and getting the word out that we are helping create a better world, we are also making our island a good place to live.

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