News 15 - 2012

Seven scientists, close to 200 dives at night and during the day, a transient laboratory, and three weeks of intense study to identify 700 new species within the Réserve Naturelle!
The first results of this scientific expedition exceeded all of our expectations, and the staff was thrilled to discover so many species never before identified in our waters.
We are pleased to be able to share a little of this information with you in this edition of the Journal, while waiting for a complete report to be published in September, and a photographic exhibit of this little-known fauna.
This natural richness is but another excellent reason to protect our ecosystems, which are increasingly endangered.
But only a global consciousness movement would prevent pollution, stop clandestine fishing, or result in more sea turtles laying their eggs on our beaches.
One of the missions of the Réserve is to encourage this kind of thinking, as illustrated in the pages of this Journal. Please enjoy!

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