News 11 - 2011

Thirty-seven countries and territories share the waters of the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico.
2.7 million square kilometers and 26,000 kilometers of coral reefs shelter in this region a marine biodiversity of unusual richness.
According to the United Nations Environment Program, this heritage generates 663 million dollars per year, in tourism and recreational activities.
Destruction of natural habitats, pollution, invasive species... Numerous causes menace these natural resources.
285 protected marine areas, like pieces of a giant puzzle, were created throughout the Caribbean with the goal of environmental protection.
Pathways of migration for marine birds and mammals, as well as movement of fish larvae, link all of the protected zones, pulling the pieces of the puzzle together.
The Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin is one of the pieces in this big puzzle and as such plays a role in this massive environmental effort. It is important to remember that every gesture we make in favor of the environment, no matter how small, is never an isolated one but helps in the overall preservation of our region.

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