Land Returned To Nature

La parcelle nettoyée après avoir été squattée | The squatted land has been cleaned © Christophe Joe
The squatted land has been cleaned © Christophe Joe

There was a gardener, who also sold seashells, who set up shop without any permission along the edge of the Salines d’Orient, and was reported on June 17, 2015 for illegal occupation of land within the Réserve Naturelle, unauthorized destruction of classified land in a nature preserve, unauthorized agricultural and foresting activities in a nature preserve, and lastly unauthorized commercial and artisanal activities, once again in a nature preserve. After being identified thanks to security cameras during a robbery in Waikiki, this individual was taken to the gendarmerie, where he admitted he only had a temporary tourist visa and had resided illegally on the island for many years. Originally from Saint Lucia, he was sent back to his own island. The crew from the Réserve Naturelle cleaned up the land where he ran his business and had built the cabin where he lived. Two full dumpsters were evacuated to the Grandes Cayes eco-site.

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Police Activity

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