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Agreement With The EDF Foundation

A partnership agreement with the EDF Foundation, for the sum of 11,000 euros, will allow the Réserve to enrich its pedagogical materials concerning the marine milieu in Saint Martin. New anatomical sculptures of sea birds will join the existing menagerie and new films for the 360° virtual reality dive masks will multiply the possibilities of discovering the underwater world without getting wet, building on the huge success of this program. The Education Department will also have a camera that will capture images to use in editing of films made locally, in the mangroves, in the coral reefs or seagrass beds, where one can observe the evolution of underwater fauna, especially sea turtles, sharks and marine mammals.

  • As part of its partnership with Te Me Um, the Réserve has received five new anatomical sculptures of sharks: a Caribbean shark, a nurse shark, a lemon shark, a tiger shark, and a hammerhead shark.
  • In their quest to acquire new pedagogical tools for the students of Saint Martin, the Réserve Naturelle hopes to establish partnerships with new sponsors.

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